I'm sorry I couldn't write anything sooner. A friend of mine sent her friend in Buenos Aires to the show and I'm waiting to hear about her response. It's been wonderful how the show has connected people I know and I truly appreciate all of the efforts. I still haven't heard anything from the galleries I contacted. One is possible, but I don't know anything that is sure yet. My semester only ended less than a month ago, and I was very busy organizing the MA Exhibitions at my University. I didn't mean to be so late in my response, and I'm sorry.

Jillian Moore


I am very excited about having the show travel to the states>Michigan. I talked to Christine about this, but I think if we want to bring it back to the states in a year or so we might be able to find a venue at the SNAG conference in Savannah or Philadelphia. I think she and I, and maybe Renee if she is going, at this years' conference in Memphis.

Thanks again!


It is exciting and I am sure we all appreciate your efforts.



Thank you all very much - and I am very sorry I have not been responding to the emails. I am very proud and very excited about the whole project. Unfortunately things have been crazy here at school lately - the most recent of which is that I leave for Dubai for a week on Thursday. I will look through these emails later today and send a more detailed response!


25.5.2007 Publications on the Air exhibit



This is a very important printed newspaper in Argentina, LA NACION : the article was published in print with pictures this last thursday May 24.



23.5.2007 Re:

Dear Gabriela,

Congratulations on your effort to organize this!

if you could share your experience on how to get sponsorship - i think the rest of us who want to do it but haven't started yet will really appreciate it!
Where did you start? Did you find the gallery first and than looked for sponsors? Do you have a sample of a letter you write to sponsors. I have to admit, i'm very nervous about it and don't know where to start. How long did it take you to organize it?

Best regards

22.5.2007 get stimulated!

dear people!

hi everyone..... just wanted to write and share our wonderful experience here at the opening last tuesday.
there are no words to explain the joy and happiness this exhibition gave us. i truly recommend this effort, its worth trying.
all the journey we had. finding a place, possible sponsors, the receptions of the pieces, opening them, re discovering them, getting attached to them.
as fabiana already wrote, the opening was amazing, so many people, so many comments, been able to hear feelings and reactions the pieces provoked.
now, next steps are in your hands, please feel free to ask as many question as you can, and be honored by doing this exhibition.

all the best, and let jewelry keep moving...
gabi horvat

17.5.2007 Opening reception

at Galerķa Isidro Miranda

Fabiana and Gabriela

17.5.2007 Opening reception

at Galerķa Isidro Miranda

Fabiana and Gabriela

17.5.2007 Opening reception

at Galerķa Isidro Miranda

Fabiana and Gabriela

17.5.2007 Opening reception

Hi Katrin,
The opening was a complete success!!!
Just imagine 270 persons at the opening night!!

Everybody was so impressed because of the quality and way of showing the collection. And because of the fact that the jewellery journey is being accomplished. That it became a real thing, beyond internet. There is a big step between the internet project and doing the show in "flesh and bones".
They will continue talking about as next week there will be published a couple of notes, later I will send you the links and references.
And it was a great and nice suprise to meet Helena, your friend and messenger, who showed up with those lovely flowers you will see in the picture. Nice and delicate intention of you. Thank you so much.
I have already sent you some printed cards by post. They should be arriving soon. I would like to thank to all the participants for lending their pieces for the show and encourage them to organize the show at their own places. It is a wonderful emotion to receive the stuff and share it with each community. It is worth the effort.


14.5.2007 introducing ourselves break

Hi all,

Fabiana and Gabriela

14.5.2007 mounting the exhibition

It looks great.

We are very happy and the gallery owners too.
Just waiting for reception evening.

Gabriela and Fabiana

9.5.2007 Exhibition opening in Buenos Aires



9.5.2007 Exhibition opening in Buenos Aires


The second exhibition of Jewellery Journey Air is taking place!

The works of the 24 international jewellery designers participating in Jewellery Journey are shown in

Galerķa Isidro Miranda
Estados Unidos 726 San Telmo
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12 am to 7 pm.

Opening night: 15th May 2006, 7 pm

Coordinators and Representatives: Fabiana Gadano and Gabriela Horvat

We are looking forward to see you at the opening night!

8.5.2007 Arrival in Buenos Aires

Today we received the last big box. Pieces are so great manufactured. And we loved the travelling note book too!
We are planning to set the exhibition on Friday. The opening will be next Tuesday 15, at 7 pm. at Isidro Miranda Gallery.
Invitation is enclosed and a press explanation as well. Just a moment ago I contacted a journalist from one of the most important newspapers in BA about design and fashion and hopefully will get an article there...
There is so much excitement about the event.
Later I will send you invitations by post.
And of course pictures of the opening!

Keep in contact,
Thank you so much,

5.5.2007 Arrival in Buenos Aires

Hi Katrin,
One package, the one adressed to me arrived. I“ve picked it up a couple of hours ago. Pieces are absolutely stunning!!!!!!! It“s amazing how different is the experience facing the real pieces instead of pictures.
Now waiting for the other parcels. We hope they will be here on Monday. The plan is to have the opening reception on May 15 or May 17.
I“m very happy!!! at least for the very first part accomplished.
Keep in touch,


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