hi jewellery journey,

i am an artist from seattle, washington - taking some time off to live in south america for a little while and i just saw your latest diary news on the journey site that you will be exhibiting in buenos aires soon? i would love to attend the show, if i'm not too late, will it be open to the public?

thank you so much for your time and for organizing such a beautiful concept!



Hello Katrin and Stefanie,
Let me know the details of the person organising the show in Australia, Halie, I may be able to offer some assistance.



I am glad to hear that others are contacting venues. I have not mentioned anything yet because I haven't found a location that is available. I am in the process of contacting several galleries in the area where I live, and have widened my search to the quadcities right now. Several places have expressed interest, but are not able to commit any time in the near future because of their busy schedules. With luck, I may yet find a venue here in the midwest and will let you know if that is he case.

Jillian Moore

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