Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to check in and let you know that the work arrived to the United States in good condition!

I anticipate one more box that should contain the last pieces and the larger display domes in the near future. I have set a meeting for next week with a gallery to view the work for possible exhibition in their space. They have asked me to give them a list of prices for the work and how long it will take to receive the work from the time it is ordered. Please send me at your earliest convenience a price for work that takes into account shipping to the United States (zip code 48206) and the galleries commission of 33.5% and estimated number of days to make the work upon order. This list will make working with the gallery a little more likely.

Christine Bossler

17.6.2007 Argentinian newspaper,
   scanned article on Air

It is in spanish, though...

PS from the JJ-team: This pictures has a very low quality due to the website format, we can send a better quality to everyone who wants to read the article!


14.6.2007 participation

hello..my name's pallavi and i'm a jewellery designer from India.i mostly wk with sterling silver but am now trying acylic..hv kinda got d hang of how this works...wd be very keen to join in d nxt journey...guess this one's abt getting over


11.6.2007 Hi everyone

I just wanted to let you know that I received the package. But I have not been able to open it yet, its been a bit hectic and I am leaving in the morning for snag.

Soon as I get back I will be able to open the package and play with all the work and let you know how it traveled.

I also wanted to mention as mentioned in Phil's post that I will be meeting him at the conference and checking into possibly getting the show considered for next years snag. I am going to bring the portfolio and hope for the best.

In the mean time though, I have found a spot that is interested in the exhibition for either August of September and if possible I would like to give them a complete list of artists and the price of works for sale and an estimate of how long it will take them to send the work for sale. Price should probably include the galleries commission of 35% and also the cost of shipping to Detroit, Michigan, United States. If you can please email me this information in the next week or several I plan to meet with them at the end of June. This information can be sent to christine.bossler@gmail.com.

Hope everyone is well,

6.6.2007 hello from OZ

Hey everyone,
You both have done such a wonderfull job organising the exhibition, I aml very gratefull of your efforts.
Jessica and I have been in contact about JJ coming to OZ and we are pulling our resources together. All the other Aussies are welcome to come on board with suggestions, contacts ect...

I am working pretty much 24/7 and keep checking the site, thinking constantly about how to get it out here ASAP...I need to know approx times that it would be available to come to OZ - its far away here so i guess if it can make a few stops before it gets here all the better...

Has anyone thought about getting sponsorship through a major airline? We have British Airways and Qantas, what are the Europeon major airlines? Perhaps we could approach them about "JJ air" and get them to transport the items fully paid?


4.6.2007 Hey Sorry!

That sounds great! Do you think I could organise the South African one for the end of the year. Sorry just trying to sort things out and am not too sure what time of year. HAve others already organised dates?

I have found that this jewellery journey some how has been more drawn out than the last one. I suppose from a personal point, my life changed so much in the last 6 months moving back to south africa and getting back into the jewellery world here, finding accomodation etc. No more excuses as this is exciting for all of us.

that is all for now and hope to hear from you soon.


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