17.7.2007 Exhibition in the US

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that the Detroit Artists Market will be hosting Jewelry Journey: Air as part of their big 75 Anniversary Show. Which is due to open during the first half of September. I will write back with the specific dates late next week.

During my conversation with the gallery I was asked the prices of the work that will be exhibited. I told them the prices that I have received so far, but I will need to give them the full inventory sheet plus prices for all work soon. So please if you have not emailed this information yet please do so.

The following information is what I will need to know. Price for work that takes into account shipping to the United States (zip code 48206) and the galleries commission of 33.5% and estimated number of days to make the work upon order. Or if the work is not for sale please write me with that information and an estimated value for insurance purposes, although the gallery strongly encourages all work to be for sale.

Christine Bossler

11.7.2007 interest in air

my name is Federico Rolla, I am an argentinian silversmith currently based in Buenos Aires. I didnt get the chance to visit the exhibition at Isidro Miranda but i did take a look at the pieces through the web. I am delighted by the project. My backround doesnt have much to do with what i concieve to be new trend design. i guess I dislike imitating the past as much as the present. Real contemporary art means responding to your own present artistic condition or creative drive, despite the shapes it builds up to. I did some fine arts studies and then dove into jewellery making and silversmithing orienting my skills through all traditional techniques. nevertheless it seems to me contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship are both innevitably bound to reunite...thankfully. If time and space still allow Id be really eager to join this team. I believe my work could enhance the diversity of further exhibitions.... my website is www.federicorolla.com.ar

Its interesting how Air (the element) is the truest common boundary to all tangible things, it cannot be undermined neither by creed or sensorial capacity. It just seems a very good denomination for a project which appeals to me to be boundary-less.

thank you.
much love.

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