Destination Buenos Aires / 23.4.2007

The Jewellery Journey packages are on their way and are expected to arrive this week.
Fabiana and Gabriela are right in the middle of the organization of their show at Galería Isidro Miranda Casa Central, please have a look at ! Fabiana says: In Argentina the Jewellery Journey Air project is getting quite well known and waited anxiously, as many people related to the contemporary jewelry field is already informed about it and its arrival. It will be a very important event, specially because of the variety of participants and ways of aproaching to one same subject, Air, from many different points of view.

We keep our fingers crossed and wish you all the best for the final preparations, please let us know how we can help from the distance.

Keep in touch
Katrin and Stefanie


hi katrin,

still working on finding an appropriate space for the show. i have been in contact with renee recently and we are going to work together on this. incidentally i will be in buenos aires april 25th through may 10th. could you send me fabianas email address so i could try to coordinate with her.



Dear Katrin,

I thin k after Australia, the obvious destination would be Singapore. I will start planning for it soon. I'm a bit scared. I will try to get the help of Goethe institute and will let you know. Do you have a schedule of when is it going to be in Australia, so I can have a plan for exact month.

best regards,

JJ going to Argentina and the U.S. / 2.4.07

Dear all!
Fabiana, who is planning the show in Buenos Aires for the next months, just wrote us that it would be a very good idea to send the exhibition further on to the US after having it shown it Argentina. The transport costs are very high to go directly overseas again like to Australia where Halie and Jessica are planning the show. More over that it also makes no sense not to visit the US being so close at that time: sooooo – dear American participants – how about coming to you after Buenos Aires? Jillian already wrote she´s looking for something. But there are much more of you. We hope to hear from you very soon so that we can take next steps!

Many greetings


Hi Katrin and Stefanie,

I hope everything is well with both of you and the New Year is treating you well.

I was speaking with Halie last week and we are keen to start getting things organized for a show here in Australia later in the year.

We spoke about re designing the portfolio of work to make it more specific for each gallery we approach.

I was wondering if I could get a copy of all participants’ entry’s images and text so that we can create both digital and hard copies of the folio of work for when we approach possible galleries.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm regards,


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